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Poor service ADSL

  1. See there a lot of people with the same problem I've got my WIFI is so slow 0.5 download I have to keep phone to reset my ports and then I hold 17 to 30 minutes for someone to pick up that more cost on me. I logged a call 3 October 2017. 4 months ago and still nothing. They came to my house but do nothing plug something in then leave. but to top it off I don' even have WiFi anymore and still talkom does not care if you phone them they say they will send an email. To whom them self because nothing happens. Told billing about it one month gave credit next month my bill increased still don' now why if I only got WIFI no land line phone. This company really does not care. It due to they the only providers of land lines 
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Re: Poor service ADSL

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Re: Poor service ADSL

Hi @Jaun,

Sorry to read this  - the community can’t resolve service issues ( we’re Telkom customers like you ) - but it might help to log a fault and post the details on one of Telkom social media channels - their support teams can usually help speed things up :


* Facebook: TelkomZA
* Twitter:   @telkomza

Meanwhile here’s a few things you could try if you haven’t already done so :
Connectivity problems on ADSL services can be caused by many different factors, often making it difficult to pinpoint where the fault lies.


When your line is synchronising at lower speeds than it should, or if you’re experiencing intermittent drops in connectivity, one place to start is your DSL connection statistics - you can find them by logging into your ADSL router (look for wording such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and line attenuation - sometimes referred to as resistance).


The higher the SNR the better, and the lower the attenuation the better.

• SNR should be at least 6dB, but preferably higher than 9 or 10dB.
• Attenuation/resistance should be below 55dB, but preferably lower than 45dB

While little can be done if your line attenuation is too high due to distance from the exchange or old copper line quality, there are a few things you can try to improve your SNR.


The first step is to eliminate any potentially faulty equipment between your ADSL router or modem and the telephone jack.
This includes POTS filters (often the cause of issues with DSL connections) and telephone line extensions. Such equipment is often first to get damaged when lightning hits your phone line, and to ensure they are not causing noise on your line they should be disconnected temporarily.


Other equipment connected to the same jack as your ADSL router or modem, such as telephones, should also be removed while testing.

If the source of noise on your line still not found : -

is your router or modem faulty? Try connecting another modem to see if you get similar SNR readings from it.


Electric fences. A faulty security fence can cause impulse noise on an ADSL link. This will cause the line to run errors and drop intermittently. In severe cases the ASDL line will not sync at all. Check for any arcing from the fence due to cracked or faulty isolators, as well as for plants or any foreign objects touching the fence.


Good luck - hope this helps.

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