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RE: compensation and upgraded contract

Please check my records and previous correspondence on file re compensation for my fixed adsl line for the past two years.

Summary: We were on a contract for 10mbps however we only received 4mbps every month. The consultant at the time, upgraded our line usage to perform at a capacity of 10mbps however, failed to adjust our line speed from 4mbps to 10mbps. We realised this after doing speed tests and after advising Telkom, we were advised we would get a compensation for this mishap.  NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE. I have been waiting for feedback for a over two months now.

We have also upgraded to the R799 package - 10gig / 10mbps of data since then and, surprise surprise, nothing has been done.


After speaking to many consultants/technicians/sales department/billing department, nothing has been done.


I am at my wits end at the moment. In short, we have been paying for a service for the past two years we haven’t been receiving. Since realising this, we have requested ON MORE THAN TWO OCCASIONS to upgrade to the new package mentioned above a few months ago and nothing has been done (once again, surprise, surprise!). We are still paying for something we are not receiving and are still on the same package!!! I have no words for how pathetic this customer service is. What customer service???!!!



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