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Repeat fault, cases being closed without resolution



I have been logging faults for line sync and PPPOE timeout errors for months now and the faults simply get closed for the problem to continue or in a few instances simply reoccur a few days after.


Agents at the callcentre repeatedly confirm that "something is wrong" with the line / port based on whatever type of test they're able to do from their end, yet nothing has been done to get the problem isolated and resovled properly by the technicians involved.


What can I do to ensure the problem is properly attended to and fixed once and for all?

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Re: Repeat fault, cases being closed without resolution

@Spabel, keep logging the fault. Sometimes a line fault could be like finding the proverbial needle in the hay stack. You must ensure that you get a alpha numeric ref number like 123CWK060716 (where the last bit is the date you logged the fault on.) Anything else is not a fault ref

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