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Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

We have had our fibre installed in July but have not received the free router that was advertised in the deal we took.  We eventually bought our own router but it only worked for a month.  We have no service since the beginning of September and no one is helping us.  We get told to contact Vumatel and they tell us to contact Telkom.  We even went to a telkom shop but to no avail.  Telkom sales phone number 10213 is engaged all the time.  I just want the router, as adertised and to get the service promised.

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Hi @Susan2


So sorry to hear what’s happening to you, extremely frustrating & unacceptable that call centre agents did not help. 


We’re customers in the forum and Telkom support won’t see your post here , but if you accepted a Telkom / Vumatel fibre package like the deals in this link  you should message an urgent complaint to a Telkom media team with your fibre order number,  all refs you were given including Vumatel ticket no, and a detailed description of these issues.  


Say you require acceptable response & confirmation of your order progress within 48 hours.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and email the complaint to for decent feedback and results. 


Good luck - please let know know what happens. 

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Same Problem. Im more sad in finding Im not the only one with this problem :-(

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Just signed with Telkom for 20Mbps/2Mbps 12 months contract. This was the big mistake by look of things.  I was told that technician will assigned within 48hrs but haven't had anything up to so far. Luckily I was able to connect my PC directly to Vuma box installed in my Home and intenet is working fine. I will be buying my own router as I can't wait for Telkom Technician that might take 2 months to deliver It. 


Will definely be cancelling the service after 12 months.

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