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SNR/Attenuation terribly bad as of recently - loads of testing done

HI there,


Short and sweet and to the point, been playing with this and testing multiple isp accounts, different resync port reset speeds, different modulations etc...


4MB dsl link


DLINK DSL2540u latest firmware - on the ADSL+ modulation that it defaults to for connection, SNR is a fantastic 11 down and 12 up, just shy of the 10 mark that is concidered non functional and a wasted effort.


Attentuation sits at a whopping 48, again super close to the 50 mark thats concidered a terrible experience,yes the metrics tells you 40-50db attentuation is "Good" but being at 48 I'd rather not agree with that.....


changing modulation to G.dmt gives me better sync, SNR then to 14 down 12 up, fairly good, attenuation down to 44, also better, still not great tnumbers I used to have much better experience.


Also telkom tech support says ATM reporting only 2mb available, yet I am synced 3.5 out of 4 and happy with speeds, also ATM reports supprting 10mb link pulling stats on it??


dslreports.com, ran MULTIPLE and lenthy tests for both speed/jitter and yeah after the 5PM mark when people get home, this exchange seems to be destroyed to a point where congestion ratio's shaping etc... nothing makes a difference, its just terrible, my ms jumps from a solid 197ms to around 350+ when I get closer to the "midnight picnic" download times. Surely on unshaped ISP regardless of premium or not, I should not be as heavily affected, or what is the issue actually?


I have in the long run never been unhappy really with my sync and speeds obtained with my DSL, always had stats that reflected a near perfect scenario, why should that change?



Posts: 3

Re: SNR/Attenuation terribly bad as of recently - loads of testing done

Sorry just to add, also on the G.DMT band, I get a load less CRC errors or ATM errors reporting from the exchange, then when I am on the ADSL2+ band, errors yes, but far far less, last night as an example was very little maybe 5-8 errors total in a 4-5 hour span then all of a sudden boom 350+ms performance completely wacked

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