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Skipped my road during line upgrades.

About 2 years ago Alberton North got line upgrades, or at least the line that runs underground, except for 1 road.

Now 2 years later we have ongoing interruptions with the connection. 2 months ago one of your technicians was here to fix a router problem and when we asked why we have such a horrible connection he did an inspection of the line down the entire road. He came back and said the line at the bottom of the road the line was rotten and rusted! BUT! he can't fix it because it's not his job and that he would let the relevant department know.


I have tried contacting your pathetic customer care multiple times to report the problem but to this day my connection is still pathetic!


We pay for a 10mb/s line but i have never seen this line download more than 300kb/s.

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Re: Skipped my road during line upgrades.

@MannieB the planning of upgrades always relies on feasibility. Your part of the network is probably still on the list for upgrading. Why not register your interest for Fibre -

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