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Slow Fibre

Hi all, I was pretty excited when I found out that I was able to upgrade to Fibre (and probably for the first time try and play a shooter with less than 400ms ping) only to find out that the Fibre is running slower than ADSL and LTE internationally. Yes my Fibre is running at 9 Mbps locally but as soon as I hit international traffic it runs at 0.58 Mbps while my LTE is doing 5.73 Mbps ( to New Castle, GB) . Is this normal for Fibre? I've had the line for only few days now and have logged a ticket via the call center, and I've already been informed that it has been fixed (by resetting my ports) and the ticket I logged closed without it being verified? Is this how the system works, where ticket no matter how many you create just gets automatically closed without follow-ups to the client, because my issue still hasn't been resolved yet?


It is very hard to grow confidence in a company when your history with dealing with them is only filled with disappointment and when you try and give them another chance only to be let down yet again.


The Long Story:

About 5 years ago me and my wife moved into a new house got ADSL 4Mbps which was running to specification for about 3 years (we are both gamers and played WOW with about 220-280ms ping, always a green bar, which to this day still makes me think back at the good old days), at which point it got slower and slower. I last recorded it at about 1.25Mbps with about 700-800ms ping. It was at this point where line wes stolen, we went for 9 months without ADSL and once the line was replaced it was never the same again and never got more than 1Mbps.


At this point moved onto wireless alternative, luckily we managed to get HSDPA+ running at about 6-7Mbps. The ping was slightly higher, but that is to be expected going for 360-420ms. Again I saw decline in speed and at about 2 years later HSDPA+ was running 2.4 Mbps and 600ms ping for us both and I basically drew the line and decided to see if the ADSL infrastructure had been upgraded.


Again I opted for 4 Mbps ADSL but it could hardly sync at 2 Mbps and even at 2 Mbps the connection internationally to online servers would just intermittently drop, making it almost impossible to play any form of game that required a full connection like Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege to name a few. I've logged what feels like hundreds of support tickets only to have them closed automagically even though you keep replying no to the messages that asks whether the issue has been resolved. I've even had a Telkom technician informing me strait to my face that the problems that I was experiencing is due to copper line patching and the exchange not having anymore line capacity and that the branch should have never sold me the line in the first place.


Recently I've upgraded my router to LTE and I'm now able to get back to 5-6Mbps 300ms ping area but you get frustrated at times for the high latency, and I was the first to rave at the Fibre being installed in my area,  but now that it is installed it is 9 Mbps speed yes .... but only locally. Internationally it is even more slower than LTE. My Fibre is running at 0.53 Mbps download and 1.83 Mbps Upload when you choose locations such as New Castle, GB, but the same connection over LTE is doing 5.73 Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload.

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Re: Slow Fibre

@Battlefield - holy cow ... where are you to get fibre that is so slow !  I am still waiting in anticipation for when we might get plans for fibre but not holding my breath.  Now i am more worried - I was hoping that i can start with like 50 Mbps, had enough of scraping through on a 4 Mbps line.  For the time being my 10 Mbps line achieves about 7 on average and it is reasonable, but I won't take fibre at those speeds ...


How are you connected when you do these speedtests?  I have noticed that a wifi connections plays a BIG role in the test, you really have to be on top of the router to check accurately.  Can you do a cable test?

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Re: Slow Fibre

Hi all, I would just like to give a special THANK YOU to Jaque from Telkom, he was the only technician which made me feel like he cared about the problem, and the quick time he responded to my issue.  Admins can lock this thread now.


He was able to solve my problem by replacing the Telkom Aztech Router with a Netgear one. The previous Telkom Technician informed me that he only had Huaweii routers and he is not going to give me a new one since the Aztech is of better quality.


I just want to say that if Telkom decided to support only one brand of quality routers and let the community provide some feedback to common issues and ensure that subscription clients get upgraded  routers on anual or maybe 2-3 year basis, and let the community help solve common router setting issues like gaming, media streaming, just imagine how much call center, technician, fuel and customer frustration would be saved at the end of the day.


So moral of the story DONT USE Aztech Router for Fibre, use Netgear. Telkom Faith let the bullets fly!!!

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Re: Slow Fibre

Hello how is your fibre service a year later please with your Netgrear router?

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Re: Slow Fibre

Hi There.


thanks for your detailed story of the issues you have had over time.


i likewise was reasonably happy with ADSL and welcomed the changeover to fibre which was short lived.

movie/ series streaming is almost impossible and eventually after several hours of frustration i retire to bed in a bad mood.

several weeks have passed with what feels like almost my entire days are spend contacting telkom on telkom chat and nights talking to service consultants to remedy the problem.

i experience either severe buffering or total black-out ( not internet at all )

on several occasions technicians come mout and supposedly remedy the problem , with the solution working at best for one evening.


i am curently considering moving over to LTE but from what you have said this does not seem to be an alternative either.

my biggest gripe is that i have signed on for a 10 mps line and this is not being supplied.

perhaps i need to speak to the consultant about changing the "Huwia "router and see if this makes a differnce.

thanks once again for your informed discussion and information

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Re: Slow Fibre

Hi @michaellarsen,

Please post a new thread for more input from the community - this thread was resolved so your issue may not be seen as new.


Will try to help meanwhile as I had similar connectivity issues after adsl to fibre migration & speed upgrade, but my fibre’s been fine since it was sorted last year after much tweaking - hope my tuppenceworth might help …


If Telkom techs have confirmed your fibre line’s OK and tested , authenticated & verified your router , ask 10210 to confirm your user name and internet password as it may have been changed - you might find you’ve been reconnecting to a temporary guest account on a set time out ?

Presumably they’ve already done a port reset for you , if not ask 10210 - takes a couple of minutes.

Then if still not right try emailing your TIN number with latest fault ref & details to (that worked for me ), and post the same on one of Telkom social media support channels , they usually respond well :-


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope you get it sorted soon, good luck.

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Re: Slow Fibre


Thanks for sharing your problem.I have same problem with the speed.Im getting 0.6 mbps instead of 20 mbps download.I have called telkom technicians 10210 since 1 month everyday two to three hours and up to now noboday able to resolve the issue.But i got the bill ontime from telkom.Im so helpless from telkom im currently buying the data from outside to use for office work.Im using ZyXel telkom router.I banging my head now because there is no one to help me from telkom.I even wen to telkom they said call the technical department and if i call the technical department they log the faults and escalte the calls to managers and i got around 25 reference numbers with escalation and there is no resolution up to now.I do not know should i meet their ceo to resolve this issue.My TIN number 3469392 - TIN number and VTnumber VT-26419-7988-39.


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