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Slow speeds... 3 ISP's later

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I was with Mweb for several years with no issue. One day my speeds slowed right down. After months of phone calls to them and Telkom coming to check the line on several occassions (no line issue was ever found) I eventually threw in the towel and moved to Web Africa. When i joined them  explained the problem I had been experiencing yet it still persisted. Again, hours on the phone and  few more fault logs to Telkom, they were unable to find the problem. So i moved to Telkom. And still, I am only receiving speeds of 1mbps on a 10mb line.

i had my previous mWEB router tested and no issue was found. I am now borrowing a Telkom Billion 400G on a month to month package to see if i have any success. Currently speeds are sitting at .80mbps. I am reluctant to sign up for a 24 month ontract and get a new router to see if that has any effect in the event that i am still stuck with slow speeds and no way out.


I am at my absolute end. I have been battling (and paying) since Feb this year and actually don't know where to turn or what to do.... HELP! PLEASE!!!!!!

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Re: Slow speeds... 3 ISP's later

Hi,Telkom own and maintain the ADSL/landline infrastruture so all that the ISPs do, is buy data bandwidth from Telkom. If you're having speed problems then the issue lies with the cable bringing the ADSL to your home or you home's internal wiring.


If you have lots of crackle on the line when you use the landline then there is water in the lines somewhere from your location back to the MSAN (big white) box up the road from you.

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Re: Slow speeds... 3 ISP's later

@kellyjean how r u. Just a quick question. The 1meg u say u receiving, is that what shows when u downloading a file. The transfer rate that shows next to ur file download or is that figure u get when doing a www.speedtest.net test?

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