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Still no internet or modem

Hi there Stefan here After applying for a new VDSL line and modem on 12May 2017 the line was installed on the 17th, had a few problems setting it up a few days later no internet i called the call centre (which some of them try to help, were others just drop the call). A tec came out and fixed it, was working for a day and same problem again it went on like that for the hole month every week a different tec (saying this and that problem), the last tec told me the modem can also be faulty so i took it back for an exchange, the store don't exchange brand new Routers (That's Funny) with my 

experience wit Telkom I was upset, so now want to switch to Mweb to my surprise the line wasn't what I asked for.

To my knowledge i asked for a 4mb line on a month to month option the sales person told me it is, guess what it wasn't a month to month deal it a 2year contract witch I'm not delighted to hear ( never sing anything or get a copy of that contract) still i paid my R1000 on the end of July with a modem in for repair (Still waiting on that 3 weeks now).

To make matters worse cant join up with Mweb because of wrong info to customer if I knew it was a 2 year deal  would have never taken the deal and i must say it has been call after call after call no customer service no response back.

Hopefully someone will get this I'm out of patients and disgusted (best of all now have to pay a penalty fine because of cancelation of contract) MY  VDSL line num: 011 740 0723 MR S Viljoen

Email: stefanus.viljoen31@gmail.com

Cell num: 062 260 0310

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