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Still waiting for order to be closed so line can be activated 2 weeks

I am so irritated with telkom and pathetic in competent staff and service. On 9 May 2017 we had our uncapped adsl line installed apparently our order has not been closed by whichever back office person and to this day we don't have a uncapped line. One of the agents that assisted me gave me a 20G data so that we have data until order is close and our uncapped line activated. This data is up and I have been following up with telkom everyday a few times a day trying to get someone who knows what the hell they doing to sort out our line to uncapped as it should be. This follow ups has been going on everyday since lined was installed. The query always gets escalate to back office and I can never seem to speak to whoever has to do the closing of the order. I have to answer the same questions over and over and explain the same thing over and over. I even spoke to supervisors. I get empty promises that within 24 hours or 48 hours everything will be done and correct. What the hell must I do to get this **bleep** sorted. Now I want to cancel my contract and apparently that takes 30 days if they can't even fix my line how the hell will they cancelled my contract. They will.probably bill me for something I don't have. I actually see Sipho Maseko is on Linkin in and will be contacting him via this and name the consultants, agents and supervisors who help me. CLOSE ORDER AND FIX THIS LINE SO THAT IT IS AS WE ORDERED UNCAPPED ADSL FOR R599 THE APRIL PROMO.
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Re: Still waiting for order to be closed so line can be activated 2 weeks

Hi @Candy1985, sorry for the experience, but please take a look at our Guidelines for the Community. The forum is for peer 2 peer support and not as a Service Channel (or complaints department Smiley Happy). Please make use of these options to report service issues - 



  • Log and Track a Fault online
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels



  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10210 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
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