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Strange intermittent connection issues after lightning

Sunday night 12 Nov 2017 we had a major lightning storm in our area. I lost a router, wireless ap and an Xbox 360. So Monday morning i see the Router internet light is dead and there is not internet. So I go and buy an el cheapo router for time being cause my fibre should be in by End Jan.


So I do the setup and my internet is back up. I do a speedtest and I see 8ms (Whoop Whoop) 3.5mb Down (I have a 10mb Line) 0.6mb up (Whoop Whoop). So a little slow but I have internet.


Anyway I go ahead and report the line is faulty as it surely is. 7:30pm that night my DSL drops and reconnects within 5 min it dropped again. This then went from 5min apart to a constant cycle (disconnect-5sec-connect-5sec-disconnect-5sec-connect).


My router has the following Status details.


SNR 55

ATT 425


So I have a great Signal to Noise Ratio but my attenuation makes me believe I have a very bad line. Is it possible the line has been damaged?


Guys were scheduled to be here on the 15th but no one pitched and then again today but no one pitched.


I think I might have escalated it or not cause i was told after we esculated it on Friday that it was not escalated on Monday so I dont know.




Any advise or help will be appreciated



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