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Streaming DSTV Now a problem

 I have a 10Mbps fibre line. Trying to watch DSTV Now. At peak times, it cuts out regularly, or the small circle turns in the middle most of the time. But I can watch Youtube video's without this problem. Is it a problem with my Internet (tests between 6-8mbps download at that times), or is it DSTV Now that cannot handle the traffic? I need to know if changing to 20 Mbps would make a difference. Thanks for helping!
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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem



Increasing your speed won't make any difference so don't waste your money. Faster speed only helps if you have lots of people using the Internet.



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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem

Hi @Rabbiandre


I think your speed should be at least 9.5 mbps on 10mbps fibre - what speed do you get at off-peak times, and  are you streaming via wifi or wired to your viewing devices?   


Either way,  one of these might help  : 

Reduce the number of devices in use

Having multiple devices on your internet network can slow loading time. Are you or someone else using a games console, mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac on the same network? Disconnecting them should help speed up your NOW TV streaming.


Stop any large downloads

If you’re playing online games, downloading or uploading large files while trying to watch a show, this streaming of heavy data could cause buffering.


If nothing else stops the buffering, ask 10210  to check your line & reset your port at the exchange. 


Hope this helps.

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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem

Thank you.  Got hold of helpdesk @DSTV NOW and they explained that it is a problem they are working on. They have sorted out IOS devices and TV's, but have a lot of problems with Android streaming devices. Apparently it is a work in progress...

They explained that getting a faster line would not sort out my specific problem.

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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem

I spoke to an IT boffin the other day. He said the reason why Netflix have such good connectivity is due to the many servers and relay's that they use, whereas DSTV Now is not spending in that area and so we suffer as a result.

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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem

when you watching DSTV rather choose SD rather HD it will then not buffer, it also depends when you are watching because it is subject to how many people are using the internet at that time.


I had TelkomFibre and I was on a 4meg line which only went down to 1 mps  sometimes, decided to go for LTE and it worked faster and better. This was in an area that Telkom supported LTE i.e Randburg,  

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Re: Streaming DSTV Now a problem

In the bottom right corner of the play screen check to see if 1080 is ticked which seems to be the default. Instead click the 720 and the buffering etc should stop.

Despite the amount of money that DSTV make off us their server system is rubbish

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