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Struggling to cancel ADSL

I had ADSL at my old residence but due to moving to a new town that is a high cable theft area I converted my package to LTE-A. The request was sent to the ISP to put the line back into the holding pool for Telkom to take back, the ISP confirmed that they moved the line somewhere around 20/10/18. It also has to be noted that while the ISP was busy with the request I went onto the Telkom portal to cancel the account, a few days later Telkom responded that the line is still with the ISP, not sure if something happend there. When I call Telkom now 1/12/18 to get them to cancel everything they tell me that there is something blocking them, that I need to get the ISP to convert the line to a voice line but the thing is this ISP doesn't have anything to do with the line anymore. The ISP also told me that this process is suppose to take at least 48 hours, not weeks. When I go onto the Telkom portal again, on step 2 it says "Request aleady logged".


Any advise anyone can provide as I am paying for something that isn't in use.

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

Hi @Nico_L


Sorry to hear this - unfortunately can’t help much re service issues  - we’re customers in the forum.


I may be misunderstanding the details , but if your new LTE account is with a different ISP perhaps the Telkom contract can’t be cancelled until paid up to expiry date.


However,  if you cancelled the adsl contract on Telkom portal & received a ref number , call 10210 to log an accounts dispute ( early 8 am best)  and/or message an urgent complaint with your details & previous case refs to a Telkom media team for decent feedback & results. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps, good luck - please let us know what happens.

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

Hello @Kathy1


Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond with some insight.


I will do as you instructed.


Thx again

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

I have been Trying to cancel my ADSL Service for almost a year now. I don't even live at that Premises any more, I don't have any service from Telkom but they Keep on billing me R800 a month, I Also don't know wat to do anymore. I have mailed forms Logged calls, raised disputes, cancelled online still nothing. surely there should be something I can do because they are basically stealing money from me.

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

My suggestion is that you approach the National Consumer Commission. I'm pretty sure just one email from them would suffice to get you resolution. The Commission contacts businesses at a senior level so they get effective and immediate attention. All the best
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