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Struggling to cancel ADSL

I placed an order for adsl in the beginning of August, till now 2018/11/20 I have still not received any installation or communication of any sort. I have been billed every month from the end of August for the line which is not even installed yet. I tried to cancel the order since 2018/08/28 and still havent been successfull. I called the call centre numerous times and even visited the store where they promised me IT will cancel the order. It is end of the next month already and still nothing. I have logged numerous billing disputes and cancellations and still nothing. How do I go about getting it cancelled? I am tired of trying to get service out of Telkom.

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

Elsi002, there is only one way as your issue seems common enough for  class action against these people.  the issue being you cannot get near the people that are paid more and should actually be responsible for those not doing their work.  There lies the issue, not the lower-grades.  MANAGMENT, which seem to be completely absent besides emptying the coffers for fat salaries and perks.  That needs to change such that there is acountability at the door of those paid to carry responsibility.  All the other matters we struggle with will mostly sort out if that can be enforced and put into place.  Their complaints email doesn't even work so how on earth can anything be resolved besides in their time ?


Try as you will there is NO CONTACT NUMBER ANYWHERE TO GET PAST THE FRONT-LINE.  So careless this company is they have a landline number listed for their head office on the intenet - call it and you hear "the number you have dialed does not exist".

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

I am so sick and tired of telkom bad customer service, they just dont care about their clients.  i have tried everything i could to get assistance with my landline, calls logged and escalated, sent email to their complaints email address on Monday still no response even today not sure if it was even read by someone, went to the telkom shop in East gate the staff member told me she doesnt have access to the fault system, sent twitter still no help but when it comes to debit orders they dont delay or forget to deduct.

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Re: Struggling to cancel ADSL

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