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Telkom had this special earlier this year , where you can upgrade to 20mb/s ADSL line contract and get a LIT Box and 3gig /month Sim card for "FREE"


I took the leap of faith signing my life away to Telkom. I got my Router delivered. My LIT box was not delivered since they were NO STOCK.

I waited for a few weeks and still no delivery.I started calling around to Telkom Stortes to find out if I can collect from them?

The only store that had in stock was Wonderboom Junction Telkom. I went there and 3 hours later I walked out with my brand spanking new LIT Box.


All was well in the world.......


Come November , 2 months later low and behold they charged me R1099 , for my IT Box. Not only that they Dedacted the whole amount R2400 even if there is a R1080 debit limit on my account.


TELKOM , just when you think they can't screw up anymore , they totally redeem themselfs..

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