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Telkom ADSL Sync Speed



Wanted to know why telkom cant upgrade my line speed

currently on a 4mb/s line

Router Stats:



ADSL DescriptionStatus
ADSL ModeITU G.992.1(G.DMT)
Cell Delin0
Link Retrain4
Init Errors3
Init Timeouts0
Loss Of Framing0
Errored Seconds25
Severely Error Seconds0
HEC Error239
SNR Margin18.5 db14.0 db
Attenuation44.5 db23.5 db
Data Rate4096 kbps512 kbps
Forward Error Correction Seconds00


On a huawei router it shows that the line can sync up to 9442kbps. but telkom has told me that only up to 4 mbps is supported in my area. also, i have another line in Johannesburg, where i was told the same thing, until i got someone who assisted me, she told me that the exchange has two DSLAM's one thats capabile of up to 4 mbps and 10 mbps, she did a swift and fast change for me to be moved to the DSLAM that supports up to 10 mbps. Also, the sales person couldnt give me any information about the exchange in the Pelikan Heights area, or check if its feasiable, yet i have evidence that the line can do more, i know that the adsl type can be changed from g.dmt to adsl2+ that gives a higher line speed


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Valjon Ryan Smith

V. Smith
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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync Speed

I had The same problem. I was told by Telkom that my line feeds off a mini exchange called a umc. The technician said the equipment is  not at the main exchange but in this "umc" box on my street corner. Like a satellite exchange. And this "umc" can only give a max speed of 4 meg. 

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