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Telkom ADSL Sync Speed

I have or I am supposed to have a 10MB Telkom ADSL Line.


When I signed up with Telkom in June 2015, everything (and here I am referring to getting the Line installed, Setup and Activated) ran smoothly. I only waited about 3 days to be up, running and connected. I should also mention that I never had any issues with my Line in terms of Line Dropping or No Connectivity since I started using my ADSL Line.


I started noticing that my line is running a bit slower than usual so I went to check the forums and discussions and saw that I need to check my Port Profile. I sent an Email to Telkom Support on 09/02/2016 requesting that they check and confirm that my Port Profile is set at 10240. I got a response from Hyron a few minutes later to advise that my Profile was set to 7168 but he has changed it to 10240. Also bear in mind that my Port Profile has been on 7168 since June 2015. Nevertheless, it was changed and set to what It was meant to be and for the next couple of days my line was running better than ever. I have noticed last week that the line is back to what it was when I first got it. Sent another Email to Telkom on Thursday 25/02/2016 to confirm that my Profile is still set to 10240. Received a phone call yesterday from a Technician to say that 7167 is the fatest speed my line can handle.


This is the my current ADSL Status:


SNR Margin down 7.4 up 16.7

Date Rate 7167 down and 508 up


Can anyone please advise as to what I should do here? Needless to say my Debit Orders are going off like clockwork and I really dont mind paying as long as I am getting what I am paying for. I am so close to switching ISP's. Any and all helpful suggestions needed.

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync Speed

@RedDevilThe SNR sounds a bit low on your line - read here for a bit of explanation but you are basically borderline - 7 to 10 dB is acceptable but pretty low and doesn't leave much wriggle room.  Also the attentuation rate is important so that we can understand how far away you are from the exchange - if you are a certain distance like more than 3 kilometers you will never get more than 8 Mbps on your line, just physically impossible using a copper exchange.


Let's see your attentuation rate then we know what you can expect, on the SNR there are a few good things to look at:

  1. Start with all the devices you have connected, if you have a phone or phones connected on the DSL line you might have noise coming from there, you need to check all of the splitters and filters on the line replacing them if necessary.
  2. Next you need to check if there is any interference possible from electronic devices near your routers, telephones or telephone lines.
  3. Lastly you might need Telkom tech to check your lines for any possible issues outside of your house

Overall it sounds like you are getting pretty good and prompt service from Telkom, so at least that is a plus !

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