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Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

I have a 4Mbps Telkom ADSL (yes not fast but fastest in my area)

Recently after a technician fixed a problem on my line my ADSL sync speed dropped from 4230kbps to 2565kbps? This is not normal for me om a 4Mbps line but I may be wrong?

The stats I get when using my ISP line check option is :

Downstream speed
2558 kbps
Upstream speed

Downstream SNR
25 dB
Upstream SNR
15.3 dB

Downstream attenuation
Upstream attenuation
48.5 dB

What may the problem be?
Looking forward to help and advice

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped



1. for a 4meg line sync rate should be at 4096Mbps. Aactual download speeds would on a good line peak at 3.4Mbps. So trhe 2.5Mbps you are getting suggests there may be a fault on the line, althougth your SNR seems pretty good. Rememeber that while the sync speed must be set at exactly what you are paying for the download speeds are not guaranteed and can be lower than then 3.4Mps depending on congestion at the exchange, distance to the exchange, no connections at your router, etc


2. Sometimes switching off/on your router might fix the problem. If not, your ISP or whoever is managing your ADSL line needs to recreate the ports.

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

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My thoughts exactly about the sync rate,but try to explain that to Telkom Smiley Happy. Will you suggest a fault log on my line for a technician,as the problem statrted after they had fixed another. Any thing else that may be the problem at my side? (i.e faulty router etc??)


P.S is the fault Telkom related or ISP? Or can't you tell?


Thank you for the help.

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

@vzdike yip, some of the call centre agents dont know the difference between sync rate and download speed.


Highly doubt the fault is at your end - I cant thnk of anything on your side that would affect sync rate (unless you are not using an ADSL filter, perhaps)?


If the low sync rate is persistent and doesnt improve after restarting your router, you should log a fault

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

Thank you! Will log a fault, I am just going to state the reason for fault logging as noisy line.

Because that may be the problem to. Just plugged in a phone in the line jack and when I break the dialing tone (with 0) the line is not completely silent. I believe it must be completely silent when you break the dialing tone.

Thanks for the advice.
Lets hope Telkom fix it.
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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

Hi All


This problem is growing, ADSL lines are syncing at lower speeds than what you pay for. 8 for 10, 5 for 8, 2 for 4 and the problem lies with the new ASSIA system bought by Telkom.


I've Spoken to Awanda at Telkom and he is aware of the Problem, Only Problem IS................

They (1st Line Tech Support) can't fiddle with those settings and it's not available as an option on their computer screens.

It has to be 2nd level Tech @ The DSLAM level.


But Him and I have an understanding that, if we can swing this , then he will be the go to guy to escalate these requests. 

SO in our humble opinion Telkom did this:

Default set all ADSL lines to:

Interleaved on the ASSIA system. Its the safest,most stable way to insure connection. Problem is it drops ADSL speeds by 40-50%!

Fastpath (no trying to get the most stable line) has to be reset manually by Level 2 Techs.



"My lines changed last week from 'Interleaved' (part of the ASSIA system) back to 'fast path', so have Telkom realised that the new system does not work"


It's "BS" to try and blame bad copper, bad connections, ADSL Filters, when on your ADSL settings on your Router have not been changed by you and you see a degrade from previous sync settings.


We are experimenting with the fastpath setting on the ASSIA system on our personal ADSL line, and will give you feed back on this Blog.

It will be entitled:

"How we Fixed Slow Internet Speeds on the ASSIA ADSL System"


Look out for it!






Chatting to Awanda seems to have worked!!!!

The ADSL line now syncs at

10Mb!!!!!!!! 1st time in 3 months!!!!!!

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

Hi Awanda Sounds like you are the answer to my prayers? I need to change my line from interleave to fast path, where can I get hold of you?
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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped



A bit of a change in the GoalPosts


Telkom is Syncing faster than your line speed now, as of last week

Read all posts on ASSIA





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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

Had the same problem. 4 meg line, since last week would only sync at 3712 suddenly. 


Logged a call, for the umteenth time on this line, got told unless it syncs under 2 meg, they are not doing jack.


Cancelled the **bleep** service after struggling for 4 years to get telkom to provide a stable service.


Best Feeling EVER!

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Re: Telkom ADSL Sync speed dropped

[ Edited ]

Syncing at 3712kbps on a 4meg line isn't THAT bad you know...


I have a 20meg line and this stupid A_S_S-IA system pushed my sync down to 10meg!


When I logged a fault, what did Telkom do?  They thought because I logged a "Slow Download or Upload Speed" fault, that they should downgrade my service Smiley Surprised

They literally changed my line from 10meg...which is supposed to be 20meg, to 2048kbps.


My line, running at full speed only reaches between 17mbps and 18mbps...so I don't really know what it feels like to have a fully fledged 20meg line.


Imagine your 4meg line operating at dial-up speeds.  That's literally what it feels like to go from 17mbps / 18mbps to 2048kbps.  So be thankful your speed only dropped by less than 1%... #JustSaying

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