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Telkom ADSL is theft

Telkom ADSL knowingly promotes a service that they know they cannot deliver. In other words, they are thieves. 


Every day between 6pm and 10pm my line's latency goes from 30ms to 1200ms because Telkom sold to many adsl lines in my area. They know it, we know it. But we can't do anything about it because Telkom ADSL support line refuses to acknowlege that these latency issues are a huge problem for many users.


Actually, the support line is part of the scam. The call takers pretend that they either don't know what latency means or pretend to be suprised when the caller reports peak hour latency problems. I bet every second support call is about peak traffic latency problems.


For over three years now I have had the same problem and they simply don't fix it. I am tired of waiting. 

Stop this thieving! 


Thieves! All of you, thieves your should be ashamed of yourselves. Nothing but a bunch of thieves. 

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Re: Telkom ADSL is theft

[ Edited ]


I have exactly the same issue and I can relate 100% As our problems get worse Telkom advertise new **bleep** even more. Not like that is going to work either? I am going to ask for a refund for the past couple of months seeing that my internet issues have not been solved. Might even take legal action. In order for Telkom to provide a service they need to guarenee a certain level of service. I will be sure to update this post after I have confirmed with my lawyers. 


Update: Under the ADSL regulations SLAs aren't required to address Packet loss or network latency or any other quality of service indicator. Only Line sync speed is relevant.  Therefore I have proof that my line has been **bleep**ed up for a while now so I am eligible for a refund.

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