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Telkom App on not in App Store

I have a Router at home with a Telkom Sim and data contract. I have downloaded the iPhone app and logged into my account, but the app does not show me the data usage (although it does list the Sim and relevant billing information). It shows nothing about the data, but only the Wifi usage. It is like the data bundles do not exist. Has anyone else experienced this or know why this might be happening.

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Re: Telkom App on not in App Store

Try My Telkom from a browser, top right of this screen. Do you get the same?


Alternatively dial *101# or *188# and you should receive sms balances, many modems also support these ussd codes.


Or you could call 081180 but expect at least a 30 minute wait, theres also an on-line chat but not always successful.


Good Luck, let us know if you come right

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Re: Telkom App on not in App Store

Thanks for reply. It is sorted now. The new Telkom App now displays the data usage as well.

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