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Telkom Fibre Fault (Connection Loss)

I have Fibre now setup at home and it works just great, Downloads are fast and same goes for browsing. However everytime I connect to an online game I am never connected for more than 5 minutes before being disconnected from the servers, this also applies to any form of online chat program wether it be Team Speak or Skype, I am always disconnected from the servers within 5min +-


I have contacted Telkom and they are aware of the issue, Apparently my fault has been escalated to Tier 3 technicians which to me sounds serious. Telkom tells me they are working on it and as soon as the issue has been resolved a technician will contact me, with all this said I have not heard back from Telkom, I call once a day every day to follow up and to date no joy.


If anyone else is experiencing the same and maybe found a solution to this, please could you point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.



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Re: Telkom Fibre Fault (Connection Loss)

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