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Telkom adsl not working, again....

Hallo hi


Need help, I have a 10mbps adsl line that has been acting up the last couple of weeks. I have logged call with telkom, 2 days later the call was closed and the problem still exists, i have purchased a new router to rule out that, which it wasn't. THe router would sync at 8 or 9mbps, then work for 20 minutes then disconnects and reconnect. ALso when it does connect it has packet loss, and the internet is unusable. I have logged another call with telkom to resolve the problem, anythig else that I can try?

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Re: Telkom adsl not working, again....

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Hey There @ChrisVDL


Try the Telkom Live support Chat 




those two options will definitly give you great results (talking out of my own experience i have gained out of it)

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