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Telkom assia

Hi there.

Please Telkom Please do not enable ASSIA ever on our lines as for me as a gamer it means I have a ping of 100 now instead of 10-30. This just drives me nuts and want to scream. Sorry for the rage but I keep on having to ask Telkom here to remove it for me. This is giving me a really bad experience online.

When I play BF4 on MWeb server my ping is usually between 10-20 but now it's about 80-100. So please never enable it on my line no matter what cause it's pathetic having to ask the whole time and on weekends I most probably have to wait till Monday to get this fixed. This is just crazy.

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Re: Telkom assia

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Re: Telkom assia

Hi @diceair


Please note that this is not a support channel. I can understand that you've exhausted all avenues available to you but, Telkom has platforms for that. If your service was reported, there has to be an answer to your question. Please don't let this deter you from helping others on the site. If your query is resolved, and you are happy after monitoring, please share with us here. Like you said, there are others having similar issues.




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