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Telkom breaking their own 24 month contract

This all started with payment. 

I pay my account via the registered beneficiary on my banking. For some reason, this doesn't reflect on Telkom side. They refused to schedule a move order for me before they correct their own issue.

Finally six days later, I get that sorted and my move order booked. Twice I was told it was neverr booked. Booked it online and followed up the next day only to be told it's still not on the system. Ok, so book it again.

After numerous calls and follow ups, they eventually schedule it for 21 June (Friday last week). The technician arrrives earrly Friday morning only to tell me he can't do the install due to the trees. I must go buy PVC pipes and then he will be able to do it. Checks the line and tells me he will need to check it back at central as it doesn't seem to working from the main pole. I confirm that we will get the pipe laid and he can finish the job. I was promised that he will call me and come finish the installation. Pipe purchased and ready with a draw wire. Still no call has been received.

Laid a complaint with the call centre, nothing happend. Called numerous times today to get an answer. `Promises of a supervisor calling me. Still nothing. Send an email to fulfiment, mailbox is full. 

On top of all this, you want to charge for a full month's usage?

You are in breach of contract!

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