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Telkom cables stolen and will not be replaced - Deneysville

Hi, what do i do, i just signed a 24 month uncapped 4MB ADSL contract which i used for two months, now the lines are stolen, Telkom says they not going to replace / repair lines as its to costly, can i cancel - termintate my services or can they offer me a sim card with uncapped data, it would seem we only have Telkom 3G in our area.... if i refuse to pay my bill for not having access to a landline and internet they will surely blacklist me?  What am i to do?

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Re: Telkom cables stolen and will not be replaced - Deneysville

Hi @Johann1953


Call Telkom 10210 with your fault ref. and ensure an accounts dispute is logged so that you're not billed for the adsl service meanwhile.


They’ll usually help & change your contract to an acceptable alternative service if the one you signed for can't be provided. 


Good luck -please  let us know what happens.

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