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Telkom closing fualt on faulty lines

Hi there.


So i reported fault with ref:746CTK150316. I'm getting packet loss and also no voice. The next day the yclosed my fault. Then I repopened another one with ref: 646CTK160316 and this morning it was closed and still have no voice and still getting packet loss. How can Telkom close faults without even contacting customers.


This is borderline pathetic so what I'm asking is what is the next logical step. I also reopened a fault with ref:96ctk200316. I complained on hellotelkom but still geting my faults closed without line being fixed. Also went to hello peter and nothing is being done. last week I made a formal complained against Telkom so hope that will get it sorted. 


I refuse to pay for a line that Telkom refuse to fix. Why do Telkom think they can do what they want?

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