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Telkom cut my service due to cable issue

I have been experiencing cable problems since November 2017. In February a technician came to upgrade my service( NOT TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM) were he told me my internet is poor and landline doesn't work due to poor cables. In May telkom cuts the service of the entire area and in the complex i live in, i am the only one with no service. BEFORE TELKOM CAME TO WORK IN THE AREA I AT LEAST HAD POOR INTERNET SPEEDS AND A LANDLINE THAT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK. NOW I HAVE NO SERVICE AND STILL RECEIVE BILLS FROM TELKOM. AFTER SPEAKING TO THE CALL CENTER WHO CAN NOT DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOG A FAULT WHICH I CAN DO MYSELF THEY SAY A TECHNICIAN WILL CALL. Its been weeks and still no call. So now they investigating but i still have not received any call from telkom. BUT THEY STILL WILL CONTACT ME TO INFORM ME TO PAY MY BILL. MAYBE IL PAY IT IF YOU CAN DO YOURLS JOB. I MUST ADMIT THERE IS NOONE WHO CAN HELP U AT TELKOM. THERE IS NO MANAGER OR HIGHER DIVISION TO SPEAK TO. ITS SEEMS AS IF TELKOM DOESNT CARE ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS..
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Re: Telkom cut my service due to cable issue

Hi @Sohail7


Sorry to see this happening to you.

We try to help but we’re customers like you in the forum with no other link to Telkom. 


If you can’t get help from 10210 support, you should send a detailed message with your fault refs to a Telkom media support team & request fault escalation, they’re usually best for good response & results (and/or email them) :-

Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:    @telkomza

email :             support@telkom.co.za


Hope this helps, good luck.

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