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Telkom e-Mail not working

Since being upgraded on Fibre from 10meg to 20meg I am unable to receive and send emails on Outlook. This happens on both my Laptop and Cellphone. Waiting 3 days now for Telkom to resolve.

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Re: Telkom e-Mail not working

Hi @online2034186


Your mail password / username may have been changed in the upgrade .  I hope the only issue is outlook settings etc,  but meanwhile if you can login via Telkom webmail  https://webmail.telkomsa.net I’d suggest back up your Telkom mail from there asap in case of further issues.


Telkom assured that my mailbox would be retained intact on a similar upgrade to yours, but it was replaced with a blank new mailbox in their system upgrade process. My mailbox was never retrieved - only my Telkom mail address was retained.  I eventually gave up and now use another provider for primary mail. 


Hope your outcome is much better - good luck , please keep us posted.

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Re: Telkom e-Mail not working

My E-mail has been under maintenance mode for three days, cannot talk to the idiots and mutes on 10210 the are useless and you are F..... as no can give you a answer

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