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Telkom internet issue (SALES DEPARTMENT)


I have been struggling to get my internet working properly since the 22nd March 2019 when the ADSL line was installed.

This is not a new plan this was just a relocation of my current plan, i am on the telkom 4MB uncapped plan.


And till today still having problems, last week we got the internet working just to find out by the end of the week my data ran out, how does that work (Uncapped), we asked a telkom consultant, his answer was that we are on a 40GB plan, which we never agreed on............

Now my line speed sits at 0.41Mbps download, and we phone the technical department on 10210 they refer us back to sales 10213 saying our order have not been closed, that we have been hearing since the 22nd March 2019, how long does it take to close an order?


Does anyone at telkom follow up on problems that have been on their system for more that 48hrs because that's there turnaround time?

Because i know at any other company someone whould be in real trouble if a problem dont get resolved in the appropriate company turnaround time.


Today its 1 month that we have been trying to get answers from telkom.


Any help please.........



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