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Telkom is the WORST service provider ever!!!

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Service number 011 764 1030.


When we upgraded from ADSL to Fiber through Telkom during October 2018 we were informed that we had to cancel our ADSL line in order for the Fiber line to work. In doing so we accidentally cancelled the FIber line and immediately called Telkom in order to inform them that this was a mistake. We asked that the fiber not be cancelled and they assured us that it would not be cancelled and they provided us with a reference number accordingly.

Beginning December 2018 our internet just stopped working yet again. When calling Telkom we were informed that our services had been cancelled even though we requested that it not be cancelled. We asked that the services be reinstated as we did not request the cancellation and we were assured that they would assist us.

Amanda Ndlovu called me and said she would be dealing with the matter, she stated that she reactivated our account and that we now had to wait for VUMATEL to just do the final activation on their side.

On 27 December 2018, 21 days later, the internet was still not reconnected, something that Amanda said would have been done within 3 working days from her last email to me.

When I called Telkom today I was informed that our account had in actual fact never been reactivated as Amanda Ndlovu informed us.

For more than a month now we have been battling with this situation and no one is able to assist us. We still have no internet and now when we try to move to a new provider for the Fiber we are informed that Telkom never informed Vumatel that they cancelled the Fiber on their side and now Vumatel cannot assist us to get the internet up and running with a new service provider.

Is there anyone that can assist us in this situation, this is unacceptable and very frustrating.

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Re: Telkom is the WORST service provider ever!!!

We want to warn all businesses that Telkom will not take any responsibility for there actions and no complaint can be escallated beyond a call centre, where you will get a reference no, but nobody will do anything. Their processes are not clear and if you have not followed the correct process nothing gets done. The staff at service centres are rude and incompetent and so they all seem to be. That is the problem if you are dealing with a menopoly. Rather look for alternatives there are plenty available.

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