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Telkom is useless bunch of liars

3 weeks ago we applied for an adsl line at home. On Monday we were told that the technician will come yesterday (Friday)and that we need to be home. We took unpaid leave,but the technician never came even after we were told that a manager at the call centre phoned him to confirm. Well we have just heard from an inside source that the technicians are on strike here and that that technician dont even have a phone - so how could the manager phone him??? We have already paid the R700 deposit, bought a phone and a router but now it doesnt look like we will get a line. The call centre agents are incapable of doing their jobs and us the customers are only a number to them who cares if we are happy or not!!! Utterly disgusting Telkom!!!
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Re: Telkom is useless bunch of liars

have 3pcs on my line.Internet keepsdisconnecting,phoned a 1000 times and am told its pcproblms.if you raise yourvoice due to frustation you get disconnected.Phone again ,get pasword changed,problems worse.then you get a sms that the problem has been restored.nearly 3 weeks icannot get on internet and 10 minutes later no connection.

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