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Telkom's Service SUCKS

All I wanted to findout if and what BB I could get in my area (Not Rocket Sicence)


I tried to use Telkom's web tool and it was giving me LTE 10Gb a month .... But the property next door to me can get VDSL, LTE, 3G etc 

Trying to phone Telkom is missions, after 10mins waiting I get put through to Billing and then after asking them the questions told to phone Sales....WTF, I phoned SALES For Sales10213 For Service10210 Free from your Telkom Landline


I do think Telkom needs a wakeup call from its customers. 

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Re: Telkom's Service SUCKS

Hi @PatrickJay


We’re Telkom customers in the forum & can’t really help with service issues ( no Telkom support agents here).


Sorry to hear their support centre wasn’t helpful - you didn’t mention which Telkom web tool you used but their coverage map will show you all BB facilities available at your address :-



If you’d like to try sales 10213 again for more info , early 8 am call usually gets through quickly.

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Re: Telkom's Service SUCKS

Thank you Kathy for that. I try them again

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Re: Telkom's Service SUCKS

That's why this country is doomed when all the SOEs are being run into the ground by a bunch of inept corrupt morons

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Re: Telkom's Service SUCKS

O so agree with this - Telkom is of no help - never in the pass did I have a problem but since moving and trying to get my ADSL line up or out of the pool ------ no one can help me = well I have no option as to cancel the entire service with Telkom 

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