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Telkom service- is this a joke?

I cannot believe Telkom is still in  bussines. If i had to supply service like that, i would be out of work within days. How can Telkom get away with it for so long?

It is a faceless , body-less, untouchable entity that takes your money each month for absolutely crappy service! Once you sign up with them, they are like cancer...nearly impossible to get rid off!! But they are like an ex-wife once you do manage to divorce them...always coming back to haunt you!!

The installed fiber in our esate...and now we have the cancer..and you cannot get rid of them..and you cannot get another ISP to service you! 

Is this even legal? Can they install fiber in an area..and keep everyone else out?

I ABSOLUTELY HATE TELKOM...the first opportunity i get to utilise another service...i will run like hell to join them.

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