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Telkom techs don't bring test equipment to home

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I have a friend in Rosebank that could not get reliable DSL Internet connection. He asked me to visit him to try to troubleshoot the problem. I could not even get the speedtest.net page to appear.


I told him to call Telkom who reported that there was a problem with his line and that they would schedule an appointment.


Two tech clowns show up at his house and tell him the line is working perfectly and then left.


He still has problems. He is urgently trying to do his SARS efiling


The 'techs' didn't even bring in a laptop and test modem to verify anything in his home to prove that his modem was at fault or that the line was ok. It is crucial that techs bring the proper known-good troubleshooting equipment when they visit a customer's home!!!


So he calls Telkom back and they tell him that the ticket was closed because there was no problem and that they would not return with a test modem.


Having worked in the broadband industry myself overseas for many years, I am appalled at the lack of professionlism shown by Telkom!

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