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To not have internet (ADSL) for some time now (by the way: ref 999CTK140116) is one thing.. I just (22 Jan at 14:55) tried to communicate with an agent at your Technical Fault Contact Centre (via 10210). In the background, loud music, ladies laughing and screaming, battled to hear a thing. If you have an office party, maybe select a venue external to where you are actually required to professionally engage with customers of which the bulk currently are rather fed-up with limited to zero access to the services you are supposed to deliver. I'm cancelling my line, adsl and will rather pay more for continued superb service that is actually offered in the market environment.

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Re: #TelkomBadServiceMustFall

My issue which was outstanding from 1 January 2016 was finally attended to on 27 January 2016! Having heard in my first fault on 13 December 2015 that a connection on the pole had been sorted out, I still had a line that was noisy and intermittent ADSL. 19 December, we are told it is MY filter. 23 December's fault cannot be sorted in 26 December because poles are rotten and technician will report but the line clears a fraction for all of 10 minutes and we are worse off than ever. 29 December I report my line again and 31 December I get my fault number. Tech goes out and agai it is MY filter and he replaces thus. 1 January 2016 I am fuming as my line is now so bad I cannot hear a thing and report my line. Other than people phoning from Cape Town (Telkom), no technician comes out until I took to this medium as a last resort. 27 January 2016 a tech finally comes out and starts looking at the line. His final diagnosis? My line had been hit by lightning!!! It took over a month for them to really look at things properly after our area had been hit by a really bad storm in the 13/12/2015 and areas were without electricity and all sorts of issues. Should this EVER happen again, Telkom can take their product and I will find a more reliable service provider, even if it costs more. No, I would not recommend Telkom to anyone.

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Re: #TelkomBadServiceMustFall

I am willing to pay R3500 LTE contract termination to be free of Telkom. Is there any way to get an unlimited broadband connection without using Telkom in Waterfall, KZN?

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Re: #TelkomBadServiceMustFall



.....and still NO DSL... Technician came out, day after, no service. New reference 40CTK310116


Are there maybe private technicians who could fix this, Ill pay just to conduct business again!!!!

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