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Terrible Service ... Terrible everything!!!!!

Terrible service from Telkom! We requested an internet connection from Telkom recently only to be sent from one store to another because the "bigger store", which is closer to my household, does not offer the internet installation offer. Only to be to be treated appallingly at your Kenilworth branch by the shop assistants. We had to comeback twice because your servers were offline! ????? ! ... Then Yesterday when the technician came to install our internet connection we were told that there is a fault with one of your boxes within our area and that he could not install the internet line for us?????? and that he will be returning tomorrow at 8am to finish the job???? ... Now it is 09:56am, the next day, and still no Telkom technician has arrived at my door!!! ????? !!!! So what happens now???? Will we continue to endure your TERRIBLE SERVICE from all areas of Telkom employees???? !!!!! ????



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