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Terrible Service!

You cannot complain about the service you get from telkom, because there is no service. You phone and every one tells you somthing else and you dont know what to believe. TELKOM WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Re: Terrible Service!

Been trying to cancel my account for 8 months now.  




No-one returns phone calls, emails, etc.


Try their 'Special Services' and they simply apply the same tactics.


How does this entity have the cheek to call themselves a service????

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Re: Terrible Service!

Hi @zsuzsanna04 @rdobson


Yes, infinite perseverance & patience is often needed to resolve Telkom issues - especially for folks who can’t do internet at all without a Telkom line.


Most of us have shared the helpless frustration with call centres but it really helped to see how our community peers got positive results. ( albeit eventually  !)


I can honestly say I’ve seen plenty of success from their media support teams and/or emailing  support@Telkom.co.za . 

A message with full details of your issue, including your account no & any Telkom case refs you’ve been given should quickly start the ball rolling for acceptable results.


If none of that works try posting details of your problem here and us customers can try to help if poss.


For  @zsuzsanna04    re cancellation issues :- 

If you're still battling you might find these May media articles useful - Telkom explain their online cancellation facility was fixed and fully implemented from end April 18 :- 




and this post how another subscriber managed the ‘new’ online process  :-



Telkom portal here   :-



Hope this might be some use. 


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Re: Terrible Service!

Thanks Kathy.


I originally contacted Telkom to ask them how I go about cancelling the service.  They directed me to a form that needed to be filled out and returned to them via email.  I was delighted.  It seemed simple enough and so I duly filled out the form and whizzed it off to them by email on 28 September 2017.  I asked them to please confirm safe receipt by return email.  Of course, no response.


I continued being billed.  So, I rang the Customer Service line to query the issue.  I got through to a terrifically helpful sounding operative who promised that it was being attended to on the spot and someone would call me back to confirm.  No return phone call and yes, you guessed it, I continued to be billed.


More emails, more phone calls, more promises from terrifically nice sounding customer service operatives that it was absolutely, definitely and beyond any shadow of a doubt resolved and that I would absolutely, definitely and with multi-coloured sprinkles on top be receiving a call back to confirm that I was finally free.  Again, nothing.  And again, I kept being billed.


By now, several months down the line and with several additional months of billing, I ask for a reconciliation of my account as it is - in my view anyway - illegal to take money from someone without their permission and without providing anything in return.


Well, has this been an entertaining exercise.  I've variously been told that the accounts department do not do recons.  Then, after much kicking and screaming, sent reams of paper which looked suspiciously close to a reconciliation to me (by a different operative).  Unfortunately this did not list a cancellation fee (as I was opting out before the end of my contract period).  I have been given at least 3 different figures as to what this cancellation fee might be.  


I have subsequently attempted to do a reconciliation myself, which I have - pretty magnanimously, I thought - supplied to Telkom.  All I require is the cancellation amount, of which I currently have two separate figures to choose from.


I have been back to the store where I had the misfortune of opening my account.  Apparently they are unable to assist in terms of closing the account, giving me a final tally or indeed, finding / contacting / pointing me in the direction of anyone else who can.


I have emailed customer services, I have emailed cancellations, I have emailed Escalations, I have messaged via the Facebook page, I have messaged via their Twitter account, I have tried in store.


I ask, with tears in my eyes, how difficult can it possibly be to a) return a phone call when promised, b) provide a reconciliation of an account which ran less than a year and c) confirm what the cancellation fee is?


And now, they have debited yet another sum of money from my account - with no rhyme or reason.


I have, as stated, spent 8 months trying to get this resolved.  Although we have shuffled incrementally forward since the process started, we are still no-where near getting it sorted out.  And all it would take is for one knowledgeable person to pick up the phone, walk me through my account, when it should have been cut off, when it actually was cut off, the cancellation fee, the sums they have incorrectly debited from me (which obviously need to be reimbursed), and then do a bit of basic maths and voila !  All sorted.  But no.  For some, inexplicable reason, this seems an impossible task.  


So, 8 months (and counting) down the line, I am out of pocket, out of patience and most certainly out of humour.


They are very quick to take the money out of your account - surely it is not too much to ask that they address and rectify their mistake?


But try and you end up in customer service hell, on hold for hours on end and with nothing to show for it, other than to start again with even more frayed nerves.


So please, if there is anyone out there with any advice, I would be most grateful to hear it.

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