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Terrible Telkm


Account 339901888441

We moved to a new house beginning of April and gave notice to terminate our contract with you end of May.  Then we decided to apply for an adsl line again with you guys beginning of May.   A week later I called to find out when we can expect installation.  The consultant over the phone told me there is no ADSL in our area available any more, I have to apply for FIBRE. 

I didn’t ask to apply for a fibre line through Telkom.  I thought since I didn’t get the service we asked for our contract would discontinue.  I found out Today the contract is still ongoing. 

In the past 2 weeks I applied for our Fibre line through Axxess (according to their website there is Fibre in our area).  I also found out today that there is no Fibre in our area!!!!!

This past month our valuable time has been wasted by Telkom and Axxess.  And now Telkom tells me they can’t know for sure if we can get and ADSL line, we have to wait for a technician to come and see if its possible. 

Please get your ducks in a row!  

Our contract must be terminated at once, we do not want to see the debit order going of for the month of June.

And please let us know if we can get an ADSL line. 


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Re: Terrible Telkm

Hi @Elcarien For assistance with your account/contract, Please have a look at the following link for Telkom support channels. https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Announcements/Telkom-Service-Channels-How-to-get-Help/m-p/1768#M13

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Re: Terrible Telkm

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Unfortunately you are the master of your own destiny

a quick goggle (no sic) will get you the fibre in the area coverage/or any other coverage in the area

Companies downright lie or are too stupid to give you the right answer.

go for a 3g or lte account


copper is on the way out and so if there is no pairs or adsl in the area you are poked

wait for the boys in overalls to dig up your road and lay those pastel coloured cables(fibre) and the "yay we putting fibre in your road" reps to approach you and then you will be happy

until then "vasbyt" and pay for a wireless connection.


PS we are not telkom we are unpaid helpers for people with existing problems on their hardware, so your complaint to "you" is to the wrong set of people

Go to a Telkom Outlet, they may be of assistance.


Unca Paul

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Re: Terrible Telkm

@Elcarien, you are the first person I know that would rather have ADSL over fibre...


Check this link to see what you are covered by - https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/ucm/


There are various fibre providers, and not all ISP's can offer fibre through other providers. Telkom's wholesale division is known as Openserve, and they install fibre that Telkom and most ISP's can then resell. But there are other smaller companies that also install fibre. Perhaps Axxess is not a reseller fo rthem, and hence you are being told that there is no fibre.

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