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Terrible ping, disconnecting and syncing on different speeds.



For a long time now I have been having issues with my internet but the last 3 months its become unuseable, the ping is between 50-300ms the download speed keeps changing its never stable on 1 speed, it keeps syncing on different speeds, I was on a 10mb line but then the technician told me i had to try going to a lower speeds maybe that will stabelize the line, so then I went to a 4mb speed, but it didnt help much the ping is still terrible and the speed is on 2552 downstream now, but it keeps disconnecting and still keeps syncing on different speeds, my SNR margin keeps changing and drops below 6dB then it disconnects (the SNR used to be between 25-30dB), the line attenuation is not bad upstream 17.7dB downstream 34.7dB. My router stats show that the lines max rate is only 5548 downstream now (but it keeps changing as the SNR keeps changing) which used to be 17000 but thats due to the bad SNR, I know im not going to get that speed as i am on 4mb now. What I have done is I bought new cables for everything that didnt help, I bought a new router that didnt help, tried different settings on the router that didnt help, tried using a splitter and tried using the internet with and without the telephone also doesnt help. Telkom has been to my house 2 times the first guy said he was going to change the port by the exchange and that i must monitor it then that didnt help, he also said i must go down to a lower speed which is also not helping, the 2nd guy did some tests here by the house he plugged something into the jack and then they went to the exchange to do something then the SNR was better but still i only got 6400 downstream where i shouldve been getting 8000 minimum on the 10mb like it used to be previous years, but the ping was still terrible, and I live close to the exchange like 2km away, then i asked the one sitting in the car on his tablet how are you going to fix the ping and is there something you can do to fix the ping? He told me straightforward no, he does not know how to fix the ping and that was that, he left. The download speeds remained on 6400 downstream for 2 days the it started syncing on different speeds again and started disconnecting again. According to telkom they put new lines in I do not know where but it didnt make a difference. The one technician told me I must phone telkom and ask to be put through to DTEC but they dont want to put me through to them they say that DTEC can only call me and that I cant request to talk to them. I just really want to speak to someone who knows what they are doing and can help me sort out this problem I mean whats the use of paying for something if you cant even use it and no one can fix it? This internet used to be so perfect 8.4mbps download and it was incredibly stable ping used to be 9-12ms ping also stable, but then just one day randomly it became terrible the download speed went higher to 9.4mb and the ping went 50ms+ I dont know if this is because of telkoms ASSIA  system, but it ruined the line. I dont know if i can request to go back to fast path? Surely this is worth a try because the interleaving did not stabelize my line it made it terrible if this is the case i do not know. On ADSL 2+ and on G.DMT the line keeps disconnecting and syncing on different speeds. I honestly dont know what the problem can be but please can I request to go back to fast path or can I please speak to someone who would understand what I am saying to them, maybe a technician can come spend some time here so that I can show him all the problems and that he can diagnose the issue properly, I use the router to see the line status I have used WinMTR, I use CMD i have tried different computers and laptops on all of them I get the same results. Please help me.

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