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Throttle of data

Since the FUP came into effect 1 Dec, we have been throttled every night. Then 9 Dec, we received a message saying that we are at level 3 and being throttled from 7:00-24:00 daily. We are on uncapped. There was no misuse of our data. I work from home and got ADSL for that purpose. Now I'm down in my working hours. Can you imagine what that will do to my income and employment? When Telkom has a promosion, they can send out messages to their entire data base, but when something like a new policy is released, then no notification is sent until it is too late. I have to finalize all my work by 15 Dec and now I am forced to seek help elsewhere, coz the service I'm paying for, is now blocked coz Telkom decides when I can use it and when not. This is unacceptable!! I pay for a service and expect to get it. If this is not resolved by Monday morning, 12 Dec, I will find an alternative service provider and Telkom can use my contract as toilet paper, as this is apparently all the contract of service delivery means to Telkom. It is not a one-sided contract. You also agree to provide the service in that contract and currently, I'm not getting any.
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