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Throttled adsl - Telkom lied to us

Hi We have uncapped adsl.  When we got it we were told that we would not be throttled unless we downloaded 200 gigs a month then after that we would be.  We also go told that we could have unlimited downloading from 12pm till 6am so we proceed to do most of our downloading at that time.


Now we get told that we are POWER users so they will throttle us when they decide to.


I told there is no fair use warning, it is at Telkoms decretion.  


We use the internet as a business tool so we are directly affected when Telkom throttle us as we CANNOT work.

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Re: Throttled adsl - Telkom lied to us

yea i get responces from incompitant Telkom staff aswell.

But more to your matter it may be one of two problems you have nl.

  1.your line is really throttled and you can check this by logging in to your account that you have with telkom.

  2. your line isn't throttled but your sync speed is lower than it should be ex. 4mbps line sync is between 3.5 and 3.8mbps when its working 100% but now  its not working 100% and your sync speed is at 2.2 to 2.8mbps.


this is because of a crappy program telkom started to use that doesn't work and when you phone them they dont know about it and gives customers incompitant answers to show the customer they  at telkom dont know anything about computers or networking.


Ask them for a port reset and follow their steps if this doesnt work ask them to try it again but instead of switching of the modem ask them to take the sync speed down then reset the port and then put the sync speed back to what it must be remember in this way dont switch off the modem.


if this doesnt work file a complaint and use your rights given under the consumer protection act its time isp's give us better service and quality for what we have to pay.

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Re: Throttled adsl - Telkom lied to us

Sounds like the lovely ASSIA still at work here ... @SOC were we not going to get someone from Telkom on ASSIA to explain it to us at some point?  Perhaps a blog post to the effect?

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