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Top up and App not working

Does anyone have advice for me on how to top up your Fibre data on Telkom? Tried using the app, it just says internal server problems, tried phoning, they said they cannot assist... Can anyone assist please?
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Re: Top up and App not working

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Same here. I cannot Topup. A patient gentleman on 10210 tells me that I may only Topup on (I have been trying on customer portal.) I go onto and login. I try to top up. It sends me back to customer portal, which says there is an internal server error. I try to pay my bill on the same site. Telkom refers me to my bank – I do not know why. The details I entered are quite correct. And no, I am not insolvent. I try topping up on the Telkom App... Internal Server error, which looks like a sad robot with empty pockets and cogs lying around. The only way, it seems, is to ask for postpaid gigs ... but the patient gentleman cannot tell me how much 20GB will cost me (I suspect it will be much more than the cost of 20 GB on TopUp.)

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Re: I get a badge, but no help.

Wow. I just got a badge for my reply. I do not want badges. I want the problem to be solved. So here I sit, with a badge, but no help.

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