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Trying to upgrade fibre to uncapped

Is there any simple way to upgrade from 20Mbps/100GB to 20Mbps uncapped monthly on line or do I need to call the dreaded number?

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Re: Trying to upgrade fibre to uncapped

Hi @Hemi300c


Try 10213 early 8 am - that was the quickest route for our similar fibre upgrade last year. If no joy you could visit their store & speak to a consultant


Your password / username might change on upgrade - just saying in case you lose connection when they process the upgrade in their system.

We upgraded fibre to uncapped / higher speed , then had  connection drops as didn’t know the password had changed . 10210 support helped with new password . 


All very frustrating at the time - but on the positive side all has been great since Telkom’s system updated our upgrade details between their divisions .


Good luck , hope this helps.

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