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Ultra slow ADSL line

A complaint to telkom doesn't help because a customer doesn't mean anything to them . a have a problem for almost a year and yet i still have the same problem after reporting it and having them coming to the house, i even got a new modem and still the problem persists. I pay for a 10mbps uncapped adsl line R1200.00 per month and yet i get less then 4mbps, my house is covered for 10mbps an i have the line for almost 4 years, in January 2017 the problem started and never ended i dont want to downgrade because i am a super user and need the speed, I want to upgrade but no upgrade is available yet. i want to be helped with this problem as I am not getting credited for my service to being faulty and no one at telkom is helping me. If telkom doesn't want customers they must just tell you to go to another service provider.

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