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Unable to connect to company VPN over Telkom home Fibre

Good day Does any one know if Telkom home fibre also restrict VPN access? I am using L2TP and working fine from any other internet or phones hotspot. The router that I am using does support VPN passthrough. I know Telkom LTE restricts VPN until you change the APN to unrestricted but not sure about Telkom home fibre. Any ideas? Johan
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Re: Unable to connect to company VPN over Telkom home Fibre

This is not going to happen - Telkom technical staff have NO clue what you talking about!!!

I have the same issue and was directed to go to their technical centers to get a qualified tech to investigate.

As stated earlier, He had no clue what I was talikng about.

I had also contacted the D-Link vendor (number on the router box) - Their technicians tried tirelessly to assist with no success.

He conceded. He did point out that Telkom had restricted access to the router by applying their own flash image. Please contact Telkom - back to square one

So, back to tekom and now they want your router for 21 working days to check if its working......no loan router BTW...

So let me assist you in my troubleshooting: 

No problems with the line or your configuration on your device - 


Hence, change the router to a lower series/model and voila - L2TP will work

You can go back to Telkom technical center and report this - p.s. ping pong starts....


Final words (from Telkom staff at the store)

Theres noting I can do...

Its out of my hands

I have no more words...


If ANY Telkom technical person (one with an ounce of intell...) would like to respond or challenge me - You're more than welcome.


Oh yes... You are not allowed CLi access to the router - they cannot divulge that password to YOUR router....

They did not know what CLi access was.... (Command Line Interface)

Good Luck - My fight goes on



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