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Uncapped adsl 4mb line

I have been trying to get my internet back for 2 months now since it has been mistakenly cancelled. I have called the call centre numerous times and they have assured me that they placed the order. Everytime I call back to check the progress on the order they tell me that the order was not correctly placed. 


I was then told to call back to cancel my previous order then to place another order. I have done that a few times now and my previous order has not been cancelled. I cannot make a new order until the previous order is cancelled but they dont seem to know how to cancel an order as well. Please help on the way forward.

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Re: Uncapped adsl 4mb line

Hi @Irfaan


Sorry to see your plight,  but we’re customers in the forum - only Telkom can attend service issues on their support channels :- Telkom Service Channels: How to get Help


As you’ve had no joy from the call centres,  send a detailed message to a Telkom media team for decent feedback & results. Include your order number with any case refs you were given. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email the same to  support@telkom.co.za 


Hope this helps, good luck. 

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