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UnlimitedHome installation

I ordered my ths unlimited home package from a Telkom store... I'm really disgusted by the level of service this company overs. I got emails from Telkom verifying I have a Telkom account and I'm getting billed for my account and line rental.

When the technician came to my house his worked assigned to him by Telkom was only to install a normal landline. After calling Telkom and giving them my ref no and all they said they'll fix the order and send a technician on the 20th of June.

Come the 20th of June and I'm sitting at home like "kippie die kont", called them again and they said they could not fix the problem on the line... Meanwhile not one call or message to let me know that they could not fix the order.

They rescheduled for the 25th of June and no one showed up today as well and I had two Telkom agents hang up on me wtf is this company even???

I'm missing out of college work as well when I'm waiting a home for a technician to come.
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Re: UnlimitedHome installation

Hi @KiDO


The forum can’t really help with service issues (we’re Telkom customers like you - no other links). 

Sorry to see what’s happening …. yep, new installation can be beyond frustrating waiting at home with zero feedback. 


Call centres not much help to you  - they can’t contact technicians . Better to message your details with order number, dates, TIN number & all your refs to  a Telkom social media support team - they usually speed things up with decent results / feedback. 


Request urgent escalation and tell them you’ve already been billed for the Home Unlimited package. The next technician will install your router & activate adsl at exchange. 


* Facebook: TelkomZA

* Twitter:   @HelloTelkom


And email the same to support@telkom.co.za ( that worked for us ). 


Hope this helps a bit - seems infinite patience is mandatory.  

Good luck, let us know what happens. 

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Re: UnlimitedHome installation

Neither of the two replied this far
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