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Unstable line / Internet



I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I've had my line for almost a year now and when it was setup, it ran 100% (10mb line getting between 900kb/s to 1mb/s).

About 3 months ago there was an issue on the exchange for about a week, so internet was up and down, slow, router kept rebooting or disconnecting. It was apparently repaired, but i noticed a bit of static / noise on the line which caused continuous disconnections and instability.


Turns out there was a crossed wire on the exchange (Or a bad solder or something) which was causing it.

Thankfully this was all sorted out, but for the past 1 and a half months I've been noticing horrible ping, terrible download rates after 7/8pm.

This is also all random. I've used various ISPs and still the same. I did a speed test on SAIX.NET and for a couple seconds I'll get 18 ping and 8.98mb/s download speeds. Then I'll do another test and get 150 ping and 0.3mb/s. I did a series of tests in a row and 70% of the time I get terrible ping and download. The other 30% I get full speed. Skyping quality goes up and down - sometimes the call disconnects and internet doesn’t work, then skype reconnects, video streaming stops and then goes up to 1080p.


The router never reboots, it never disconnects, it always remains on (Unlike previously I kept getting disconnected due to crossed wires)


Another thing I noticed, a 10mb line syncs at about 10239kbps. The other day it was syncing at something like 12487kbs - Which is like a 12mb line. Internet was almost unusable. I called Telkom and they said the line is still a 10mb line. I got them to change it to an 8mb line and then back to a 10mb line. Doing this caused it to resync at 10239kbps. The internet came right, but I still experienced horrible fluctuations with downloads, skype and streaming. Week or so later it happened again where it sync'd at 12487kbs, so I called Telkom again and did the same, so its back to 10239kbs.


This Also only seems to happen much later in the day from roughly about 5pm (After everyone gets home from work).

Does an over utilized exchange do this? Calling a technician out at 2pm during the day might prove pointless because they might not pick up an issue. Its mostly only closer towards the evening.


Any advice someone can give? I'm pulling my hair out - Not to mention, I've been holding for Telkom, as I type this, for 28min ;(


Anything I can try to test in the evening to bring up information that will tell me where the issue lies or what could be causing this?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!



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Re: Unstable line / Internet

It might be a good idea to get some attentuation, SNR info etc. from your router as well.  All the info shared might give some ideas ... although it also might not help at all ...

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Re: Unstable line / Internet


When You pick up your telephone line and listen to the dial tone is it clear?

No pops crackles or fade out?

Try setting your modem to ADSL only

not ADSL+ or ADSL2+ and see if your internet data flow is better.

It may also be the distance from the exchange and the ASSIA system has been disabled on your line

try to have it re-instated.


See my Posts on ADSL line speeds by doing a search for UncaPaul


Happy surfing! (When the problem is solved that it!)



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