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Upgrading Wifi - From 2mbps to 10mbps

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So on thursday I ordered a 10mbps uncapped wifi, I have done extensive research to make sure it is avalaible in our area is says on their website and asked my neighbours because they have 10mbps wifi's. They said it would be fine and that we would be a message within 72 hours, after 86 hours they didn't send the message but at sometimes the wifi would peak to 10mbps, I phoned them again if we could now be able to phone MWEB to get our data amount. They said a technician would come within the next 24 hours and enable it for us, after 24 hours we still hadn't got a message, we waited 24 hours after that we phoned them again to ask about the order, they said that the source/whatever the wifi wouldnt be able to reach us and we couldn't get 10mbps even though alot of people in our street have 10mbps.

What now?

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Re: Upgrading Wifi - From 2mbps to 10mbps

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Re: Upgrading Wifi - From 2mbps to 10mbps

hi. what did the telkom tech say? if you were able to attain 10mbps at times, why can't you attain it most of the time. sounds like there could be interference on the line or cable.

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