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Upgrated Big Deal ADSL 10Mb + TV Box

Hello All

In January 2017, my wife subscribed to the big deal internet adsl 10Mb for R806.01, included land line + router. We never had problem.
In May or June 2018, we saw the same deal, for the same price with the Tv box included. We went to the agency to have some information to change for this deal. The agent of Telkom Cape Gate told use it was better to keep our actual deal because the big deal with the TV box is big problem. Many customers don't have their TV box. We asked more information about our big deal, how it will be after the 2 years contract. The agent told us nothing will change but as soon as we want we can upgrate our router. It was very cool to hear that!
In March 2019, (11th March 2019), we went to the same agency and we explained to the agent we are here for upgrate because we heard that when we came to have some information about the big deal with The TV box. The guy took my wife ID, check and told us we can upgrate! Cool !!! He went fetch 2 boxes: the router and... A TV box. So we told we just want upgrate the router, we don't want the TV box, because, now we have ours. He said "it's included in the upgrate, with the router..." So we sign documents, the agents printed an invoice for the router and the TV box. Amount of the invoice: R0.00!!! Very cool, a new router and a tv box we will never use !!!
Big surprised, the 26th of March: no internet and impossible to connect on the customer account. My wife received a sms from telkom for tell us the line is suspended.
We call the 10210, the guy check and see nothing wrong so he reconect the line, the next day may wife received another SMS ffrom Telkom with great appologizes.
The 11th of April I checked the bill... R2131.11... I expect my normal amount: R806.01... I looked propely the bill, check everything and finaly I saw the modem is include in discounts like it should be, but not the TV box AND the reconnection is billed... My wife called again the 10210, he saw the reconnection fees was a mistake, so they didn't count it in the bill but steal R1870... but for the TV box, we must see with the Cape Gate agency. We went and the guy couldn't do anything because billing is not their branch. So he made a new dispute and we told him we cannot pay because the amount max is R1000, we won't change and we won't pay for something we didn't ask and something was not included in the contract we signed in 2017. We also ask to have a copy of the document we signed the 11th March. He can't and according him, all new contracts are sent by mail. Today, 26 april, we didn't received by mail new contract or documents we signed. After 10 days, when I track the disput, it's still the same: Logged !!!
About contract, according the bill, it's still the same contract. It's the same account, same references, nothing change !!!

So I would like to have some advices because I don't want to have my line off!!!
Thank you very much
C&V Cordonnier - Kraaifontein

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